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Paracord Colour Choices Paracord Colour Choices Paracord Colours Available 206876419 Available 4mm Paracord Colours 206876422 Shades of Black and White 206876421 Brown and Neutral Shades 206876418 Shades Of Grey and Multicolour 206876417 Shades Of Purple 206876414 Shades Of Blue 206876415 Shades Of Pink 206876416 Shades of Green 206876420 Shades of Red To Yellow 206876413 Inside paracord! Curious as to what paracord looks like on the inside? This photo shows you how paracord has a 550 pound breaking strain. Genuine paracord has a 7 strand inner core with each strand having a high breaking strain of its own. Combined inside one sheath these strands make Paracord or parachute cord extremely strong and can be lifesaving in certain circumstances. 124640177 String 2mm Cord Colours String cord colours for String toy leads. 205619398